Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Manure Award

There should be some kind of award for this: Bush has vetoed a bill that would give health insurance to four million kids. Remembering back, didn't he run on "No child left behind?" Has he gone mad(er)?

Then tonight Pat Buchanan makes a statement that someone suggested funding health care for kids by charging a "sin" tax on cigarettes. Then he plunges his foot even deeper and states that a "sin" tax would only hurt the working people and the blacks. Excuse me? The blacks work too! And what's all this "sin" tax about? How - who - determines sin? Is there a big satellite out there that catches us with dirty words, or telling a white lie, or trading prescriptions because we can't afford our very own?

I don't keep up with a lot of news, who in the __________ (watching out for that sin spotting satellite) is Pat Buchanan? I mentioned it to "H" who got huffy and said that Hillary was going to give people $5,000 per child! Huh? What's she going to do with them - make soylent green? Sorry folks - I'm going beyond sarcasm....gosh, and one more year until elections!

(My computer is fighting a virus, but if I could a picture of a large pile of manure would accompany this post.)


tweetey30 said...

That is terrible. I heard Bush was asking for something like 191.5 million dollars or something like that for the war but he wanted to forget the childrens medical expenses. Yeah right. What ever. I dread to see what comes in next.

Hattigrace said...


d34dpuppy said...

read it close he says he wants it 2 cover poor kids 1st

Vicki said...

Wouldn't that be the logical, prudent thing to do? Cover poor children first? Like the ones that need health insurance. Wouldn't it be a waste of money to cover, again, children who have health coverage(uh which requires money) with health care that they already have? For instance all those children of government officials.
Yup lets appropriate billions more for the war er which war are we talking about?? The war that no one mentions any more? Remember we have troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan. Bush doesn't talk too much about that one, does he? How much is THAT one costing us? Enough to pay for health care for our children?

I agree, Hattigrace. Oi Oi oi!!

And DO NOT get me started on the No Child Left Behind, B---S---!!!
I am still waiting for a call from my son's counselor from high school. She was supposed to call, set a meeting with his teachers and I in his Junior year. He graduated in 2005. The principal, all the assistants, counselors and teachers that were involved in our situation never spoke to me voluntarily during his last year and half of school despite the fact that he was absent from school more days than allowed by state law.

mister anchovy said...

I hope my American friends vote for a better president next time out!

Gardenia said...

This isn't a program for children who already have health insurance coverage. (To my understanding of the bill.)

Any child who can't go to the doctor because they don't have the cash for a visit should be able to go. Being in ranges of poor to middle class all my life, I've been there - not have cash in my hands for a medical visit or meds.

Not long ago in the news was a story of a minority boy who had a tooth infection. His poverty level mother had no money for for the dentist, and the infection spread and he died in the ER room which (usually) has to take uninsured.

Sometimes one can't get care when they do have insurance. I was with my mother at an emergency clinic when she was turned away and not allowed medical care because she was on medicare. Now, agreed, we could have gone on to ER. However I still say something is wrong with a medical system that turns away children and 80 year olds who have paid taxes (and double taxes) all their lives and can't get medical care.

I would probably starve as a doctor or dentist becaue I couldn't in good conscience turn folks away because they couldn't pay.

Which brings up another pet peeve - should an elderly who has paid property taxes for 50 years on their property have the same property sold out from under them because they are living off of $800 a month and can't pay those property taxes anymore?