Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rough Weather

Everybody is ok here. There have been lots of scary storms in the area. For pictures you will have to go to CNN. It was sad, a big hit was in a poor area where the blue tarps on homes were still on from Hurricane Ivan - some of these homes had their last hit today.

Night before last, I took a beautiful long stem wine glass out and probably drank too much wine while sitting in the moonlight looking at my plants for an hour. There was a great breeze, warm yet cooling, I almost felt as if I were part of an early 1940's movie! (Oh, ye seductive southland!) I talked to God a while and felt very peaceful and slept marvelously well on the old sofa. I hope its not what you call passing out. Oh, that was an easy wine to drink, Hattigrace. We must send the names of those wines to my sister.

Yesterday, once more reworked the background on hibiscus. The parrot painting is underway....right now it looks very pregnant.

My daughter went to her boyfriend's for the birthday celebration. She came home with a couple of dozen red roses, and some gorgeous - uh, I don't want to say - personal apparel should I say, a hot pair of high heels, fishnet tights, and I wondered if it was his birthday or hers. He hasn't had time to do really serious shopping - so we're still waiting to find out what THE present will be. I got her a set of special brushes for mineral makeup and a brush holder.

Back to the TV - we are too flooded to go out looky-looing, besides the emergency people don't appreciate being hindered by sight seeing people. Laters.


Biddie said...

I'm glad that evryone there is ok. I feel awful for those families hit hard again.
I haven't had a great sleep for quite awhile. Maybe I'll try talking to God and having some wine. I'll have to make it a spritzer, though. Don't care much for wine otherwise.

Red said...

Gosh, is it really that bad? I had no idea, we haven't heard anything here. I'm going to head to CNN now. Meanwhile, be sure to stay safe, 'kay?

McPuffin said...

Here CNN is on most of the time so I've seen about really rough weather.

Don't think it's really over yet by the way.

Today is an extremely pleasant day here! Warm and sunny..