Monday, December 10, 2007

Cat Owner Blues

Sometimes the cats drive me crazy. Nuts.

Like today. The litter box was emptied and clean upon arising. So, what happens? All three immediately run in and poop, they, like, wait in line.

I got up really early to clean the box because they were running around knocking balls off the Christmas tree, jumping on the kitchen counters, yelling at each other. Since I started sleeping on the foam - a good thing happened - they, all three, HATE THE FOAM. Yeh, no cat sleeping in my face no mo', no cats running over me when I try to sleep no mo'.

I just ran across this article and laughed.

Does your cat have aching bones or joints?
First, consult your vet to see what he or she recommends. They may give you pet
vitamins with glucosamine in them. I bought some off of Doctors Foster and Smith
website. They have a lot of good products for senior cats. Another good item to have is a
memory foam cat bed or cushion. Memory foam contours to your pet's body, and takes
the stress off of old bones and muscles. I have a slab of it on my bed, and it takes away
my back pain completely. Memory foam is definitely a good thing, for humans and pets.

First, does my cat have aching bones? I dunno, they speak Catease, not English. Mz. Meowie is so ornery that sometimes when I touch her she bites me. Does that mean she has achy bones? Am I a psychic? Is the vet (who now won't let you get out the door under $85.00) a psychic?

The same article recommended a cat litter box per cat plus one extra. That would mean that every room in my house would become a cat bathroom. No thanks. If I can potty in the same toilet that other family members potty in, so can the cats.

I know these animals are smart - when I pull a can out of the cupboard they know if it is catfood or not. IF it is catfood they start screeching and running across my feet, which is not good if I'm walking. Yet, they refuse to be trained. I have seen trained tigers, why not the ordinary house cat? Does this indicate a dumb animal - NO!

Well, enough cat gripes - on to the day. Lots to do.


tweetey30 said...

LOL.. People. You know a neighbor of mine has 3 adult cats and four kittens and now five more as of yesterday. Yikes huh?? I mean they would need more litter boxes than you can imagine down there.

Candy Minx said...

Oh what a riot...yep our cats have done the same thing...I think they like marking their territory in a fresh cat box sheesh.

It depends how old your cat is if they have achy bones...sometimes you can see a cat take a few minutes to decide to jump out of a's because it hurts their feet to land. Cats do get arthritis...and sometimes they will walk slow especially after getting up from a nap and are stiff and sore.

the pic is very cute...

Gardenia said...

I am suspecting one cat of being old - although he just might be a con cat. He gets extra supplement food - this is the can feeding that I get mobbed over. He also gets water out of a drinking glass, with ice, filtered from the refridg. Its the Maine Coon, he's the sweetest of them all - yes, I do give in and pamper him - poor baby has a heart arythmia - and the other cats have to be watched so they don't torment him, because he goes into a wheezing fit when over excited. Always been a timid boy. He's the one who will sleep in my arms (pre memory foam.)

My Reflecting Pool said...

Cute kitty! Since letting my cats outside more, they never seem to use the box. Winter doesn't seem to bother them either. Freaks.

Red said...

That's what makes cats absolutely fascinating: their utter unwillingness to be trained and/or listen and obey. I love that independent spirit!

Did you take that picture? If so, congratulations, it's seriously awesome. Beautiful green eyes!


We currently have 9 cats - down from 12 a few years back. How many litter trays would we need???

Ya Think? said...

How funny!! Whoever said Cat's Don't Rule?

I oved that cat picture.

Milla said...

That's why I love cats so much, because there is a little 'fuck you!' in everything they do!

And the picture of the cat if gorgeous.

mister anchovy said...

The thing about cats is that they obviously come from a different planet. What other explanation could there be?