Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Movie Star as Goddess

We still got it! Here's to all the older ladies out there - a recent post by Candy Minx reminded me of an actress I've long admired - Sophia Loren. She's older than I am, and ready to pose for a calendar.

Pre-bony, voluptuous Goddess days.

Elegant Sophia.

"Earthy" Sophia.

This actress who did many foreign films as well as U.S. films was famous for her roles depicting common, ordinary women particularly in non-English roles. She was not afraid to roll in the mud, to scream, to show a wide range of emotions. Her versatility is amazing. She's also Italian and rounded - not one of the slim-hipped blond Nordic goddesses. (Angelina, I adore you, but I would never be mistaken for you - but in my youth, from a distance, I had guys tell me I looked like Sophia!)

Sophia has long been married to Carlo Ponti, a balding, but sexy dude in his own right, but not the "James Bond" type.

So here's to Sophia today! Here's to rounded women, here's to older women, here's to those of us who have wallowed in the mud, who have experienced the gamut of emotions, and those of us who have bodacious cleavage whether we intend to or not - and, er, to those of us who have men with shiny heads.


Red said...

Sophia rocks! She claims not to have had any plastic surgery either, and in fairness, when you compare her young pictures to the more recent ones, you can see that it's all down to fantastic bone structure. And pasta, apparently, as Sophia herself is fond of saying. Which, speaking as a lover of pasta myself, is quite encouraging!

Red said...

Forgot to mention that one of my favourite films is Houseboat with Cary Grant (now that's another one with excellent bone structure). So much fun!

tweetey30 said...

Wow. I have probably seen her in movies. My mom watches all the older movies. So somewhere I have more than likely seen her. I am not good with names of Actresses.

Gardenia said...

That's encouraging about the pasta! Actually, I don't think my bone structure is quite so great. One of the links said she is 71 - amazing!

My World said...

Nice..... a great article...

I can see you and Sophia on the same calender..

You had asked the question, what camera do I use? I'm not sure I answered. It's a Nikon D70.

Enjoy the Holidays,

William.... :)


Candy Minx said...

Isn't she magnificent. What a goddess!!!

she really does reflect the social love of worshipping gods and goddesses that we never lost from pagan times...we just switihed it to our love of cartoon characters, celelbrity stories and the beautiful postures of women like Sophia Loren.

Love the picvctures you did a great job of tracking those down Gardenia!


One of those rare actresses who could just stand there and have you saying "Wow!"

Ya Think? said...

I think what came to mind for me is Actress' get to wallow in the mud and get paid for it. If we wallow in the mud we pay for it by social stigma, or mates, or simply at being the ones who has to clean up the mess.

tshsmom said...

Sophia has always been a class act! Houseboat is my fav too. She was good in Grumpier Old Men too.

Milla said...

Evviva Sofia Loren! Bella, bellissima and bravissima too! Except for her political affiliations -but then again you can't choose your family can you (she is the aunt of Alessandra Mussolini).