Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just Fooling Around

I'm always up for interesting photos. These are from an old garage - I would say probably the late 40's, early 50's.

What a weekend - I'm tired. Weekends are such a whirl of activities. The little boy has about two hours of homework and then a church Christmas Skate Party. I'll take him for a while, then we'll come home early and crash.

I tried to finish up Christmas yesterday, but it started raining like crazy, so I came home to wait it out and just never went back out. I hate not having things done super early so I can relax and enjoy the holidays more. Well, I panicked at Thanksgiving and it turned out fine anyway.

The doc told me to start human growth hormone with the other supplements (great for Crohns & injuries like my back) but I've been calling and visiting pharmacies looking for a decent price. Some of the pharmacy folks treat me like I'm some kind of freakazoid, which I resent. The lady at Scroogemart (Walmart) was whispering and giggling with a co-worker while looking at the prescription. Twits.

Then I read in the newspaper today about a baseball player being under some sort of censure because he took it for an injured elbow. What the???? I have heard of no murders, suicides, beatings, dog fight kingpins, etc., etc., from HGH as in another drug whose name I won't mention.

Had a fascinating discussion at the vitamin store where I went for whey powder with a weightlifter/clerk. He said he got one of those sleep masks that are for people with sleep apnea and he lost 30 pounds within just a few weeks. I dropped a hint to "H" thinking he might be interested. No response. Clerk also knew someone with Crohns who was "cured" from incorporating the HGH. That's pretty interesting.

Well, have to set the boy on the computer for his FCAT practice. Here in the U.S., I think, don't know for sure, that teaching is done to standardized government promoted tests.

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