Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

Is it over yet?

Grandson & Dad busy with "putting together" grandson's executive office chair. This has been his close companion - takes it everywhere in the house.

When is dinner?

My new birdbath.

Its over. The month preceding and the day disappeared too quickly. Part of that was due to a week of being in a fog of a cold and two naps on Christmas Day. "H" cooked the meal, thank goodness or it would have been canned soup.

Called the doc today who is wont to phone in prescriptions without seeing me. Due to whooping cough in childhood, I get the bronch (bronchitis) at the drop of a hat, and that seems to be where its gone. The general "malaise" part is over except for being tired for lack of oxygen. That too shall pass. May even try to take grandson to "Water Horse" this afternoon.

Didn't make it to my older daughter's for Christmas, they don't need this to rampage through their home. We'll try for exchanging presents later.

I love the bird bath, it is sort of aged copper looking, but it has yet to traverse its way down to its place by the red berry bush. I also got a camera but it is lost in the house somewhere much to my dismay. It has a wide angle lens and a zoom lens and all the nifty things that digitals have progressed to: 10 megapixals (yes!) and 10 optical zoom. Soon I will be posting pics of ants. Just kidding. Providing we find the camera. "J" got one for herself too - both are missing. "H" gave me a book on healing with the bird bath. Is that a hint? I'm trying, "H", I'm trying.

Well, time to tank up on vitamins, and fix a breakfast, shower, etc., etc. Work on the destruction of the holiday. The tree seems forlorn, but may wait until after the holiday to take it down.


tweetey30 said...

Sounds so blissful. We had a good day here. Jeff and I dont exchange gifts to eachother but we make up for it next month on my B-day..

Vicki said...

No lakka muhtreeba?

Ya Think? said...

Looks like you had an ok day. Hope camera's show up... So what did ya eat?

Vicki said...

sorry notta my tree. Mine is little tree sittin on crooked table, nothing under. I bahumuggied my way to the last days and then got busy. Anthony was absolutely
charming..will try to get some piccys posted.
Back to work yesterday after a week off, re-entry problems somewhat solved by sleep last night.
Yeah, what did you have for dinner?

Red said...

I know what you mean about the day itself disappearing too quickly. In my family the big celebration takes place on Christmas Eve; then Christmas Day always feels a bit desolate, a bit forlorn.

Glad to hear that H came to the rescue and cooked the meal, and that birdbath... I love it! (But won't the cats go to town on the birds that dare bathe in it?!?) Hope you're on the mend and find that digital camera soon!

Vicki said...

Oh, yes!!
The birdbath, I love it is way cool. I had to leave mine at the house when I moved. I hope the people are enjoying it, the finches and robins used it often.


The birdbath looks supurb!! I daren't have one. It'd be a death trap with a dozen cats on't prowl..

Hope yer bronchi goes soon and have a great New Year mate.


mate? soz, pissed... xx

Anonymous said...

Christmas day is a day to sleep after the 5 am rush to open gifts. We eat leftovers and relax. It helps take the edge and deflation of the day off. Glad you had a good one! Love the bird bath.

tshsmom said...

I'm almost afraid to ask..but..if H cooked, did you have sausages for Christmas dinner? ;)

Gardenia said...

LOL - Ham, baked potato (I had olive oil on mine instead of butter) and a raw veggie tray from the store. No desserts. Uh, vickabee, I would like to see that tree in person, kinna looks like dread locks. I am putting the birdbath in a remote area of the yard - in the corner by the red berry bush - should the cats discover it, I will deal with that when I have to.

* (asterisk) said...

Sorry you had such lousy health over Christmas. That doesn't help at all.