Monday, November 03, 2008

One Crossed off of Dream List

Remember my "Dream" list? Wellllll........our water bill arrived and "H" decided it was time to fix dripping faucets. I've never mentioned it to him, but I had always wanted a "cook neck" faucet - graceful as swans, they are. No, he didn't want one, wanted to fix it.

Soooo...enter new son in law who spent four hours under the sink. Old faucet: Unfixable, imagine that - its only nine years old. So, now convinced that faucet could not be reseated, duct taped, etc., "H" gave permission for a new one. YAAAAAAAAAAy! My daughter picked it out - and I'm in heaven - how can a faucet be sensual? Well it is. For one thing, the hot water actually comes out when the handle is turned on correctly. It doesn't spray out the side of the outlet onto the front of your T-shirt. ("H" was just holding out for the grandma in the wet tee shirt thing, maybe?)

The old faucet had apparently been installed by a left handed person resulting in a backward motion to turn the water on or off. Drove me nuts. Drove me nuts for nine years. What a pleasure to turn on the sink water and not feel confused. Silly? Yes. Anyway, nice to have a gleaming, totally functional sexy, graceful, kitchen sink faucet that does not drench me when I use it nor run up the water bill. More than nice.

This year for Halloween, we gave out close to 180 little bags of pretzels, shaped like bats n' what have you. This subdivision is Trick or Treat heaven. A haunted house complete with the whine of a chain saw was in operation down the street. Ms. Meowie, "H" and I sat on the porch and gave out pretzels. Loved it. There were a few growls about not getting candy, but oh well - they little & big dear have enough to rot their teeth for a year probably anyway. Our neighbors passed out Fair Trade Chocolate with a brochure - what a good idea - this I tucked away for ideas for next year.

This morning, another week. Got up at 4:00 a.m. - let's see - that's really 5:00 a.m. pre Day Light Savings. How I hate this - it is now 5:28 a.m. and pitch black outside. Ugh. Double Ugh. Did you know that candy makers actually lobbied for this? Check out the link - it's fun and interesting.

Election will be over Tuesday, thank heaven. At least we are all hoping it will be.

I have completed my planner and prioritized today's activities and "have to's." Oh, cool - I think my brain is returning from the frozen places it became captive in while I was in the North Country. As soon as all my cords, including the digital camera cord with all the weekend's photos, and other lost items are found from the stacks of clutter that became rearranged while carpet cleaning, all will be well. It is only November, but I had already lost the small cache of Christmas presents I had tucked away.

When I can fit art back in my life - then things will really be hummin'.


tshsmom said...

I loathe DST! I always feel like I'm in limbo until the time returns to "normal".

Congratulations on the new faucet!
We started buying the cheap($9-$12) faucets, when they started raising the price of faucet repair parts. Rubber replacement washers are now $9 apiece. Many faucets now require a fancy cartridge($25), to repair leaks. Ridiculous!

Gardenia said...

Our faucet doesn't gave rubber washers - yay! But the cartridge thing is scary - however I didn't see anything about it on the box - so here's keeping the fingers crossed! We have the water thing on the refrig and the filter is outrageous in cost, so I am glad to have the Nikken filter mechanism as it doesn't require electricity and it is a more thorough filtration anyway - but yeh, they keep us buying anyway they can!

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so with you and Tshs on the DST thing - I hate it!

Love the new faucet! It pays to have a good one, I know from experience!

Biddie said...

I LOVE the new faucet! I know what you mean about being in heaven. I FINALLY hung curtains over my kitchen windows, and I am soo happy! They were a whopping $25 with the two rods...Why did I wait so long?
We didn't give out treats this year. No need to, the road is torn up and we really don't have a lot of kids around here, anyway. I like to give out little toys, though. When Jessica was little hallowwen was a nightmare. A little kid with 100 pounds of candy. Pretzels are good middle ground, too. Good thinking :)

Babe said...

Well now....
There is a definate "prophetic ring" to the NEW FAUCET!
Might I suggest that you meditate on the spiritual analogy there...

I want some candy!
Have never been apart of halloewen..
And it's been far too long since I had some candy.
Think I could get somebody's leftovers!???!LOL

Candy Minx said...

Love that faucet. I am very fussy about hardware ina home, just like you. So many places mass produce cheap stuff...a good beautifully designed faucet rocks. I like how you can fit a huge pot under the tap etc.

Good fun stuff!

Gardenia said...

Had a small problem - er - uh big - bought candy at the store - thinking I would buy some each week (before I decided to get the pretzels) and ended up eating a good share of little snickers, cinnamon somethings and peanut M & M's. Very sad - about five pounds worth in results!

We ignored Halloween for years considering its roots - why is it so entrenched in our culture? the adults are more insistant upon celebrating it as a rule than the children.

Still don't really celebrate it - I give the kids treats because they are kids and they knock on the door - and the grandkids celebrate - mildly - don't like it, but decided if its not my decison - in regard to theirs (decisions), well, love rules. And prayers.

Re: Haunted Houses, scares, etc....seems like a lot of us have enough to do getting rid of fear without creating more!

Handing out things, perhaps something like pamphlets, "green," or fair trade info - and blessing them is a bit of redemption.....

tweetey30 said...

I havent even started x-mas shopping yet. Maybe this month a little at a time. I was going to ask Jeff if he minded if I picked up a few things here next week for the girls..

punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

I learned the hard way not to buy super expensive faucets... when we remodeled our townhome, we had this really fancy kitchen faucet put in..and when you used the sprayer with hot water your hand got burned...that sucker came, imported from Italy, with each piece packed in it's own purple velvet bag and cost close to 800.00,AND BURNED YOUR HAND!?!?!?!?WTF!!! So when we moved to this house and remodeled the kitchen I said we don't need anything that fancy, so my personal chef picked out one that was "only 500.00". In 2 years it started to leak, so he said, "I will replace the washer, guess what? they didn't make one to fit it! So we had to fight with the company to send us one, but since they have changed the configuration of that faucet, nothing fit, so they sent us a whole new head( the wrong one) resent us the right one, and it still leaked, i think it was the hose that was leaking all along. By that time, I was so disgusted that I went to the local hardware store and bought a Delta for about 60 bucks, it works great and is the first one I have ever seen with the head on a swivel so that you don't constantly tweak the hose...yay it works better than those overpriced ones that I had before! It looks very similar to yours, Diane!=o)

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