Saturday, April 04, 2009


Tonight, I saw, I touched, I spoke with and smiled at the most beautiful man I have ever seen. There are a lot of beautiful men - most I think shine from the inside out and that is what is beauty. This man, though, appeared to shine in all ways.

I worked a body building event, and provided water for over 150 athletes. I ran smack into this body builder who I thought surely was a god stepped down from Mt. Olympus! All I could do was gasp, "Oh - - those are awesome," as I looked at his arms, his chest, his shoulders - I have never seen such shoulders...well, here is a UTube Video - judge for yourself.

Two pictures reside on my headboard now - signed "To Diana with Love, Toney Freeman." "H" better not say anything - he was swooning over every taught female thing that walked by. Hint: if you attend a body building event, do not go with your "special someone." Definitely not. We are not happy campers tonight.

So anyway, here is the UTube of this bronze god!

Isn't he awesome? No mere mortal man is he.


mister anchovy said...

I think bodybuilders are a peculiar lot, focusing on sculpting their body like that toward some strange ideal.

Captain Karen said...

I don't mind a man with muscles but I find body builders to be a bit freakish - unnaturally large muscles. Not for me but to each his/her own. I tend to like men who are slightly on the chubby side and nerdish. I guess that means your dream boyfriend could easily beat up my dream boyfriend! Ha ha! Go figure :)

Gardenia said...

Well, not quite sure what one would do with a body builder, they all seemed to be with their own kind in pairings. There were a few very spectactuler women as well. LOL, my observation. I think it must be a very unique world they live in - sort of like actors, or football players.

It is sort of odd seeing a person with only 4% body fat if that much, however, I noticed some of them looked "dried out" while others looked very sleek...then I noticed there were several different approaches - this guy stays totally disciplined to his goal all the time, while some others train like crazy, then after the competitions, eat, drink, and be merry! It was all very interesting!

mister anchovy, I think perhaps they are artists as well, only their bodies are their canvases - they create what they see in their head using exercise, diet, discipline - there are aspects of that I would very much like to have.

this man was like an anatomy lesson as far as muscles went - when they aren't posing, they don't look so formidable. But he seemed to have a very sweet temperament, very focused though!

Captain, men - - hmmm - - Richard Gere - ah, he has not a lot of muscle, Vin Diesel - isn't he sweet, even while blasting people away, Toney is the first muscle guy that gave me a bit of a swoon, LOL! Meaty guys - some are also yummy - it just all depends on what's inside that makes the outside glow, yes?

Wandering Coyote said...

I don't know...My ex was a weight lifter/body builder, but he never looked like this. I know a bit about their diet habits and exercise routines, and yes, they are disciplined, but it's not necessarily good for their bodies. And then there's the steroids. The women look horrible to me, and the men I view with a mixture of fascination and revulsion.

Just my 2 cents.