Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where de Mojo Go?

Rats! Lost my camera. And worse yet, it had some, uh, personal pics on it. I finished the painting - looks petty good.

It's still raining here. Dull, dark, depressing - not cozy anymore.

I'm overwhelmed. Just overwhelmed, starting to get anxiety attacks and let taking care of myself go by the wayside. Anyone with any ideas how to get the mojo back, suggestions will be well accepted!

At least the science project is started and knowing where to go is better than the time before the journey wondering where to start! It's going to be cool. We measured the PH of all the seven different waters. I'll buy the flowers today, then we begin recording. I figure ten days will do it - we can then do the board and he will be finished on schedule. That grandson can do a water PH test and demo as good as I can and he is more dramatic!

Time to go get boy up for school - see if he wants pnut butter waffles or french toast - big game tonight - his "broken" leg, on second doctor visit turned into "patelular tendinitis" and the cast was removed and we were told he could resume activity gradually - need to talk with coach - maybe he can bat and run a little.

On to seize the day or have it seize me, one or of the two.


Wandering Coyote said...

Ack - a lost camera!!! Totally ungood! I would be totally lost without mine.

I have no idea how to get your mojo back...All I can suggest is JUST BREATHE.

Take care!

punxxi said...

Glad that the cast is off, that must be awful on the leg...I've only ever had a cast on my nose, the worst part of that is that i'm allergic to tape so my eyes watered for a solid week. Too bad cameras don't come with pagers like phones do. It's raining there? well if it makes you feel better we have had 2 whole days of sun so far this year, today ain't one of them to it is 9:30 a.m. and it looks like dusk already. Put on some wild music and rock out for a few minutes, it will make you feel better!

Milla said...

When I need to get me mojo back I go to a gig, or for a walk, or I go somewhere, as long as it is 'going somewhere'.
When I was an au-pair and really overwhelmed by everything, I used to go to the National Gallery on Sunday mornings and spend the whole day in front of Da Vinci's Madonna with Saint Anna and Child: looking at the painting gave me de mojo back for a full week.

Captain Karen said...

Coyote's got a great suggestion about breathing. Surprising what a good deep cleansing breath can do for the spirit...and the body! Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope the "personal" pictures weren't TOO personal! Egads.

Candy Minx said...

I am sure the camera will show up...it's probably in the side pocket of a purse or jacket. My fingers are crossed.

How to get your mojo back?

Go to the beach. Cry at a sad movie like Casablanca. Meditate. Breath. Pray. Rememeber that no matter what bad or heavy thing has happened you are here and you are grateful. I like the loud music idea...maybe with a glass of wine? Katrina and the Waves: "Walking On Sunshine" and a glass of wine?

I love you!

Gardenia said...

Thanks folks! Will try the suggestions - sunshine today - I CAN go to beach tomorrow....!!!! Sure it will be soul soothing.

Gardenia said...

think a lot of the problem - too little me time - great suggestions to come back from blah

Candy Minx said...

Hi girl friend!

I just tried phoning you...I'm glad you came back and checked in here. Maybe it is you just need to go toa coffee shop and read a magazine...get a half hour on your own. It sounds like it. I've been there...a little down too...and try to remember life is a swinging pendulum...you will feel more energy, just maybe not when.

Thinking of you...

Stagg said...

Make yourself something-? Find some crazy humor in others on a walk and keep it to yourself-maybe make a list??