Friday, April 17, 2009

This is Where I Have Been

Yesterday's field day at Grandson's school - the kids were full of energy and having fun!

Science Project - come on, flowers, some of you better wilt, and wilt fast before deadlines!

The waters are all PH tested - purple is alkaline water, green is middle of the range - 7.0 which most municiple treated water in the U.S. The orange is a highly acidic drink - Sprite, one vase is straight from the tap, the others are from my magic water machine at varying PH's. Sports drinks that are so popular are highly acidic - an acidic state in your body creates disease and/or discomfort, incidentally.

Its very quiet today. No grandson. No neighbor kids. Lots of leftover Easter eggs, which I am going to have to slow up on - such an upset tummy! I am left to do grandson's science project since they took him to their house - which is sort of an ethical question for me, and what am I teaching him when I am doing the observations?

We had a grand start with him running PH tests. The colored waters start from left to right, alkaline to acidic, the last vase being Sprite. Now, I'm freaking out, because although the roses did an immediate wilt, they are now holding their own and the other flowers look great in all the waters.

The posited problem was: Do flowers last longer in alkaline or acidic water? The hypothesis: Alkaline water. This could possible correlate (but not part of the experiment) to what might be happening in the human body in an acidic state, I would think. Blood (healthy blood) should run a bit alkaline.

A variable I am afraid that might be entering the picture is that what if the flowers are treated with something prior to entering the waters to keep them from wilting? Yike. That would blow the project. And, only two more weeks are left for the experiment to finish. We should have started about 3 weeks ago for more accuracy.

The depression - my head - I am lost somewhere. Perhaps that is the discomfort zone one gets when leaving a comfort zone before entering a newer, better space (until it becomes a comfort zone and once again, we have to move on and so on). We are always having to leave our comfort zones if we want to grow, so I guess that's good. I've re-invented my physical self, perhaps it's time to reinvent my head some more! There comes times in life where, in our head, we are really all alone, and we have to work it, to think it, to solve the problem, to transit. Can't panic when we are alone, it serves its purpose. We have to change, change is a set rule for existence. I look around and am amazed at the antics I see people go through and the devices and the work they go through to avoid change. It's curious to me, but it is just personalities - and for some of us, we are just destined to be constantly fluxing peeps. One of my friends says that's what she adores about me, that I never look the same as the last time she saw me and I'm always into something else new and different. Poor "H" - it drives him batty as hell. He's just totally the opposite.

Solutions? I'm trying them all. There are book clubs, gardening clubs - but a more appropriate garden club would be Manna Food Bank's garden! But at any rate, I'm working on my own garden, planted lots of herbs, tomatoes, eggplants, way more varieties of peppers than we'll ever eat, the neighbor and mom of the kids I adore offered to help me put my little square foot garden together since "H" fizzled out on that. Perhaps I should take her up on it. I would love to put in melons, peas, all kinds of stuff!

I do continue to devour Susanne Somers books on health - I'm become obsessed with health and quality of life issues and correction of the same - maybe I can find SOMETHING that will work for depression - yeh, that's it - I'm going to look for an affordable gym that won't dun my bank account for two years if I decide I don't want to continue - need to strengthen core muscles to stop spasms anyway. AND there is something very satisfying about the clank of weights on those weight machines, the clearing of the mind for total concentration on what the body is doing - a good time to get out of the head and give it a rest!

I'm afraid I'm becoming obnoxious - kind of like recent ex-smokers, wanting everyone around them to quit smoking, I urge my friends and family to eat organic, and lots of veggies, stop the sugar and processed foods, drink good water - drives everyone crazy. But when my grandson is bleeding from his guts when he comes to me, I figure maybe not so crazy. He drank a whole jug of aloe vera juice in the three days he was here and felt so much better.

Want to buy a bicycle - it continues to be cold and windy (weird) here - we have a nice day, then several cold ones! Yuck! But lucky - you guys have had so much snow! Maybe I'll go try on bikes today - the movies call, I could clean house in anticipation of our old friends' arrival at the end of the month, or just go walk. Walking has been a joy - but afraid to walk alone back on some of the marvelous, but rather isolated trails so close to my home here. Neighborhood getting boring.

Soooooo, blah, blah - I am incredibly boring lately. Oh well. Want to visit you all today too........but need a break off the 'puter for a few hours. Mamma Kitty is adorable curled up at my side sleeping. I have caught the chameleon and released him, hopefully safely outside that other cat, Psycho bought in to stash for a snack.

Thanks for so many suggestions - I think I will make a list and work through them. This quicksand too shall pass - I'm sure - always does...this one is just lasting a bit long.


punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

I don't know about plants but human blood is pH 7.35-7.45 pC02 35-45 p02 80-100 hC03 22-26 be=- 1-2 that is normal. your blood will try to balance out, ie the acid(C02) will rise and fall as will the pH and hC03 be will also ...after drawing about 90elevenbilliony ABG'*s I think I got it down
* arterial blood gases
But I am sure that plants want the water to be the same as the soil they like to grow in, some like acid, some like alkaline,., anyway it looks like all the flowers are leaning towards the sun...and you had fun, i hope

Milla said...

"I am incredibly boring lately"

Who says? Since when?

Wandering Coyote said...

That's a cool science project, but yeah, there are some variables in that that you really can't control.

I hope you're just in a slump (not to minimize it at all, but you know what I mean) and not in a depressive trend. It sounds to me like you're doing all the right things, though, and that you have good insight.

Take care!

Gardenia said...

Punxxi - yeh, I think perhaps the fact that some plants might prefer acidic might blow this out of the water - I am noticing that the roses are going from bud state to full bloom really quickly in the acidic water - so their life cycle is going more quickly than in alkaline water - - - oi - r u a nurse or doc, lady? Or knowledgeable lab lady? Our body is amazing, yes?

Gardenia said...

Milla, me say - LOL

Candy Minx said...

No you aren't boring and I well...don't ask me...I'm like a broken record also about food.

I am so glad to see these pictures, I was worried about you. The science project looks like a fun experience!

You are NOT boring! And besides...boring is good,....put excitement into your projects, not drama in your life!


tshsmom said...

I'm with Candy. Excitement usually means my life is coming apart at the seams. I'll take boring ANY day!