Monday, April 27, 2009


Maybe I'm deluded - but hey, this isn't my kid (we have a known prejudice for our own kids) and I still think he is amazing.

I named this painting(yah - he was knocking at my door yesterday evening), named it Pangaea. And then I asked him if I could keep it. (After all, I furnish the paint and paper!) When he refused, I tried to buy you think the little varmit would sell it? No. I never thought I would be begging a three year old to sell their work to me.

Pictures of our Saturday at the beach condo coming up next! Must finish the science project, I'm lost in the data, confused, panicked at the deadline.


Candy Minx said...

I guess he's saving his work for his retirement fund!

Cute story.

Milla said...

ahahahhahaaha!! Kids these days, ah?

punxxi said...

i think it's a great picture, the colors are beautiful!