Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, I started to post but Blogspot wouldn't upload any more photos.

Saturday we went to the beach where my granddaughter's dad had rented a condo so she could take some friends and get away for her birthday. They hung around the pools, had cake and went to a concert. We didn't go to the concert, but we did float the "Lazy River." I'm now nursing a wrenched arm - I forgot how old I am and tried to do a flip on the inner tube. Got a bit of a tan, hooray! I wish I could live in that place, it is sooooo nice. And I love being on the water. But sure would miss a yard!

My oldest grandson and his girlfriend were there - they live about 1,500 miles apart. She's planning on moving south, but poor girl, she is born and raised in Maine - it will be major culture shock. Especially when it gets HOT and HUMID.

I can't believe my babies are growing up - - it is a joy to see them grown and such wonderful people, but there is always that twinge when your "babies" - kids or grandkids - reach that place where they are on to another stage of life. Sigh. Heavens it just crossed my mind I could potentially be a great grandma at some point in the next ten years. Eeeeek!

More pics when Blogspot will allow of the condo and Lazy River!


punxxi said...

Dangit! Don't you just hate it when Blogger is uncooperative? Looks like place to have a birthday.

Well tomorrow is going to be our first day of cleaning and damage assessment, I have already packed 2 important things so we don't forget them, toilet paper and paper towels!

SME said...

That's one funky birthday cake! I like it.

tweetey30 said...

I love the looks of that cake. Happy B-day kiddo and hope you enjoyed your time with her Gardenia.

Wandering Coyote said...

That's one funky cake! Looking forward to the photos.