Thursday, August 14, 2008

Before and After and the Tortellini

Here are the before and afters - still have a ways to go - but its amazing how life changes drastically in six months, and I'm not taking about weight loss, that's only the surface changes.



Tortellini points the way: I am agonizing over surgery - my surgeon's name is Giovinini - I almost cancelled with him today, and began searching for a new surgeon but lo and behold, I began supper and a message from beyond right on the front of the Tortellini package points the way:

You all know I have a weird sense of humor, right?


Biddie said...

LOL. It must be a sign!
You look AMAZING :)

punxxi said...

hehehe you know of course that Italians are masters with their hands, don't you? Just think of your doc as the Michelangelo of surgery...And from me to you , buono fortuna!!!

Hattigrace said...

You both look amazing!!! You have to show that to Dr. Gio!! What makes you look for another dr?