Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scenes from the Wedding

Buffet in Portabella

Friends from Work

Ready for "The Walk"

Husband to be - years of service to his Country

Wedding Cake

Unity Candle

one of the Bride's Maids?

Finishing touches to hair

Me & my girls (I was tired out of my mind - five trips downtown wedding day alone - finishing up the decorations - I'm so glad its over - but it was pretty, wasn't it? We fell in bed thinking we would never recuperate, but felt great the next day!)


Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, the bride looks really done up, and she looks great. Um...bit of an age difference, eh? I was a little surprised by that aspect. The cake looks great, you all looked great!

Biddie said...

You look wonderful, tired or not.
I bet that you are glad it's over..weddings are so much work!
Everyone looks great. How are the bride and groom doing? Still honeymooning?

punxxi said...

Now it's your turn for r & r. You all looked great. love the cake!

Gardenia said...

Yep, there is an age difference. Not May and September but February and November. However, I'm beginning to think it takes men about 40 years to learn how to treat a woman. Way to go - he does her laundry, takes her out to eat, mixes her shakes, bought her a $200,000 home...which is still pretty good for the type of home down here in "lower Alabama" (Panhandle) furniture....kisses the ground she walks on....all she has to do is just "be." She's trying to get used to the idea of BEing a great grandmother. Uh, I think that sort of makes me a great great grandmother - heavens.

Bride and groom live with us now - another month their house should be done and they should be in it.

tshsmom said...

You girls look GORGEOUS!

My SIL is my age, so I can't say anything. The husband that was her age lasted less than a year, but this one has lasted over 7 yrs. We can't argue with success. ;)

Gardenia said...

Sis, couple of times I did not feel so happy, but this photo, I was just exhausted - maybe had a couple of wines under my belt...LOL! Will post a better one later....

Hattigrace said...

Colorful, artful and lovely! MOBs are always worn out! Love you. You are still pretty even in your tired state!

My World said...

hello diana,
sorry for not getting back,
i hope all went well for you at the wedding. the pictures are great....

i'm off the internet for the time being... hope to be back soon.

i'm using the library's connection.

thank you,



The Manic Street Preacher said...

Your entire family are beautiful.

So are you babe xx

Candy Minx said...

I love the brides look. She is gorgeous and I know where she gets her looks and her flair!!!

Wonderful pictures, they are a beautiful couple!!!

You are stunning and your dress is fantastic.

Red said...

The bride looks amazing! Love her hair, love the dress, love her beautiful, clear complexion... wow. She is gorgeous. And you don't look so bad yourself, Miss Gardenia!

Sorry I haven't been around much (or at all), things have been crazy busy at this end. Plus, my mum is coming to visit soon, so we have been cleaning like mad. Haha!