Monday, August 18, 2008

School & 'Canes & Busy-ness

Hurricane headed to the coast.

First day back to school. I love the art photo - in its silence it says so much.

Sitting here with my cup of coffee in the absolute silence. I get mad at myself for not being more productive, but I love this routine. Get the boy up and off to school. Get my coffee, blog, and start the day.

Hate to see school start in a way, in another way I like the routine. I worry - I hope he's as successful this year as last year. He never did learn his time tables well enough to snap them off quickly.

My kitchen island is piled with stuff - SIL is convinced I am having a garage sale this weekend. No, number one - after the weekend it is two days until surgery, number two, I can't get to all the stuff in the garage that needs to go to the garage sale because of all the unusable trash out there that no one will agree to part with - which is piled way high. Now, if he wants to help get it out, I'll label it. If he wants to borrow tables from his church and run the ad to the paper and nail up the signs, and set up something to hang clothes on, I'll sit outside and take the quarters. Until then, I guess stuff just covers the kitchen island and floods the garage. I hope surgery gives me my abilities back. Like doing garage sales...but until then.....

Don't get me wrong...he's got me started on some projects I had been dreading, and I did manage to work through them somehow. It's good they are done.

No one knows where the "hurricane" is going yet - but we have enough food. And an outside gas grill to cook it on. The flashlights, radios, and other emergency gear are scattered who knows where. I will worry about that when they get a better fix on the storm. That, and filling all the vehicles with gas and making an escape plan.

Life in Florida. It's ok. No, its grand. It's moist outside, its green, its warm, I can see palm trees out the window and I know I don't have to cope with snow, ice, and 70 mile an hour winds blowing the snow and ice to the point where I can't see the road while I'm driving. Its ok. Its grand.

So its another day in Paradise. I'm going to go vacuum the floors now...I hope. Then work some more cleaning up this study. I shredded a huge garbage sack full of stuff yesterday as well as helped SIL on his cleaning binge - my living room coat closet is rearranged, most of the linen closet - uh, what else has he tackled? I pioneered and worked on the boy's room most of the afternoon and got it so he can at least get to his clothes to get dressed for school.

I'm looking at my calendar for the week - its a heavy week - I need to have lunch with an old friend today.....yes, I need to....I must be feeling better, I'm even making a phone call now and then and gathering with friends now and then...tomorrow "H" and I head for a 24 hour beach getaway....., Weds. post wedding bridal shower luncheon, have to be in Mobile on Thursday...pre-op on Friday, business meeting on Friday night and seminar on Saturday.

So, I'd better get moving!

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Wandering Coyote said...

I just saw on the news the projected track of Fay. You seem to be taking it all in stride, which is great. I'd be very anxious if I were you. I hope you don't get the brunt of this storm; God knows, you've seen enough.