Monday, August 25, 2008

What kind of Piercing am I

OK - so I'm a posting maniac tonight - grabbed this from Coyote's blog, not that I would ever have the guts to get a piercing - hmmm - or would I? This made me smile:

You Are an Eyebrow Piercing

You are unique, quirky, and more than a little eccentric.

You cultivate the weirder sides of your personality, and you don't mind sharing them.

Ever since you were a kid, you've had strong opinions. You've never been like everyone else, and you're okay with that.

And you've always been able to tell people exactly what you think - even when they don't want to hear it.

You love to create, dream, imagine, and communicate. You live in your own universe.

And unlike most people who live in their own little world, you're happy to invite anyone in!


Wandering Coyote said...

There are a lot of eyebrows out there, yet I seem to be the only lip ring. But this seems to fit you; what do you think?

Gardenia said...

LOL, ya, so that write up about being so unique is silly, huh?