Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wedding Over

Except for the aftermath. House is still piled with boxes. And there is too much tempting cake sitting around. Anyway, it was a pretty wedding and the reception was really elegant. I held up ok - another day I'll be rested. My daughter looked stunning - well, we all looked pretty good - amazing what dressing up will do for people! Will post pics soon I hope - I found one camera that the card had been removed from and my trusty Sony Mavica - someone had destroyed the tip of the charger and I couldn't charge it, so I had to rely on the photographer, who happened to be wonderful taking the pics. Now, if we can get them back quickly - he took lots. The ones of the boy were exceptional.

They are on a short honeymoon then will have to move in with us until their house is finished. Oh, dear Lord, hurry the workers.

I didn't shed but maybe 3 or 4 tears - my oldest daughter was the one that cried. The groom's oldest son cried, but then its only been about a year and one-half since his mother died, so it must have been really hard for him, although he likes my daughter.

So, how is a down-home grits 'n country, it is what it is, family going to meld with a green, organic, overly analytical bookworm family? Dunno. Time will tell.

I had a great time with groom's boss and her husband, and sure did enjoy visiting around with people...for a latent shy person, I was very social. It must have been the jewel-encrusted silver flip flops - had magic in them? Three glasses of wine?

Now, I have to make a lot of appointments this month for eye exam, back-related, some business related, school for the boy, then surgery - then hopefully, I can be NORMAL and start getting lots of things done that I need to do for myself to get out of the overwhelmed pattern which I've been running in circles this year, and last. Been falling down on Doc Lovely's program, but at least I am holding. So far. Need to get back on track and make it a priority. Tomorrow - first thing.


Vicki said...

I have checked blog fifty times. Was worried how you would hold up. Ya, the social thing..never had a lot of social grace training growin up did we? I have a very hard time as well.
So anxious to see pics and just send prayers that you can keep your sanity, health and perspective until the move. (I lived with daughter and SIL for 4 months...eiiyahahieee)

I wish them both to have God's blessing in their new life. I so hope that all will be happy. It'd be a first in our fam, huh?
Loves to you all,

punxxi said...

I hope all the pictures come out great, when we got remarried( we were divorced for 20 years) the photographer took the pictures, and charged us a minimal fee and then gave us the roll of film, so that we could develop them at our own pace and still have negatives which is pretty unusual. he pictures of our 1st wedding were taken by my stepfather and they sucked! They were so dark you can barely make us out.
Anyway the muslim thing is something that should be sent to friends, because all people are worried about is the religion aspect of it.
Now I need to find my sense of humor again, it seems to be hiding out somewhere..

punxxi said...

ps here is a link to some beauty and relaxation:

tweetey30 said...

Wow didnt realize the wedding was so close. Yes photo's when you get them back or get them loaded onto the PC.. I bet she looked lovely. I have been to one wedding in my life besides mine and I didnt even dress up for mine...

Gardenia said...

vicki - no for the most part we were pretty isolated except for a rare outing now and then. punxxi - this photographer is good - he showed me the shots on his camera - wow! Maybe I'll even have a decent shot of myself taken by someone other than myself through a mirror, LOL.

Punxxi -so many people yell the church and state thing, not realizing that when muslims rule you can forget it - it is pure religion and the restrictions are mostly on the women - it is life to them. I know I was married to one once. Oh, thanks for the link!

tweety - I never got to dress up either - well the first one, sorta, my mother told me what to wear - but then I was only 17 - wasn't my dream dress for sure. Daughter went all the way - shopped for days for dress, the guys had tuxedos - except for groom - he wore his army older daughter had a pretty wedding dress for her wedding too - so I'm anxious for them to get home and open their presents - there were a lot!

Milla said...

I can help with that tempting cake... it ain't going to sit around for long...

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when you post them, especially the ones of the clothes.