Saturday, August 30, 2008

Captivity vs. the Runs

Can't stay on long today - got a blood clot in my arm vein from an IV. So have to stay "elevated." I couldn't resist peeking in on blog. Maybe if I put the keyboard higher?

And, I'm thinking of Madonna's song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." I think that's how it goes. Well, I'll be good and then maybe I can have fun an a week or so. The surgeon is going to crap - but it really is a good thing he put the surgery off, ya!

"H" has long left the house, to "look for gas." However, with another man living with us, I'm finding that a lot of men have the runs. Tee hee. What I mean is, they can't stay home - must get in the car and do mysterious errands all day. What is that all about? Us women - well, you know where we are at when out - usually shopping most likely. Or we have run into a friend in the grocery store. But we come home and tell you all about it. (I do have one guilty secret - an occasional stolen moment in a tanning bed.) Not guys. Very quiet about their outings are a lot of guys. Not that I want a house-pacing irritable male who wants out of his "cage" peering out the windows through the blinds like a poor pussycat who can't open the door.

From what I hear, gasoline is not to be found anywhere - and I don't think it would be a good idea to deplete what you do have out cruising - just in case Gustav makes a turn east - there isn't enough room in any one of our vehicles to evacuate four adults, one very, long lanky tall boy and two cats in cages. We would need to "caravan" out of here. We have no camels for the caravan and vehicles need gas.

I heard male #2 rumbling around in the night, well, just about all night. Between going up to visit daughter at work and snacking, I think he filled their two cars. We should be pre-evac prepared.

When "H" gets back I will probably feel guilty for talking like this - he's probably out gathering hurricane supplies. Ya suppose?

"H" makes a great "Paw Paw" though! This is "nightmare comforting." Closeness, protection, and prayer for peace. Boy, did I long for that when I was a little girl.

As it is, we are having a brassy, sunny, cheeky day. I just wanna go out. Somewhere. I can't. Ah, where's my books?


Wandering Coyote said...

Man, I'd so be hightailing it if I were you.

I have IBS so I know what it's like to have the runs all the time. But there is something about men and their bowels, come to think of it (been a while since I've thought of this, obviously). They can be...ah..."anal" times about such things...

Babe said...

That photo is simply priceless!
What I would have done as a child to have either dad or granddad do something as dear as that!!!

Gardenia said...

Yes, and to feel safe - what a gift.

Coyote - I'm laughing - but not at the IBS - that can be miserable - I lived 10 years with active Crohns - oh my - but I found a magic pill - Robinul Forte - was a life saver. Not fun having to have a map of area bathrooms in your car when you go out! Fine now, but I have deep sympathy for folks with those problems.

Red said...

My dad used to run mysterious errands too. "I have to be some place," he would say. "I have to see a person." Bless him. I used to find it infuriating -- I need more info! Now I just miss it, like I miss everything about him.