Friday, August 29, 2008

A week in a glance...

Wow, are we surprised? McCain has picked Sarah Palin, a "little known" Alaska Governor to be his running mate. I am just laughing - a long standing feud over drilling the Alaskan wilderness will be a moot feud, so to speak if he's elected. From what I saw of the Democratic convention, there was an electric atmosphere - amazing and exciting. Some say if Obama can deliver what he promises that he might be the Savior come back to rule. But I hardly believe Jesus would need to be elected. Anyway. Onto my favorite, home grown things. Here are photos of last week:
Driving to Mobile in the tropical storm

Coming in off the beach for post wedding luncheon

On the way to GB hospital

Our 24 hour "getaway to the beach"

Another trip to GB hospital...


Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, the beach...the ocean...How I miss them!

tweetey30 said...

Those beach shots are wonderful. I havent been to the beach in ages. I dont remember the last time I was on an actual beach to swim and just relax.

Captain Karen said...

I miss the ocean too. Waking up to fog and the smell of salt air....ahhhh. As for McCain's choice - I was totally surprised. I asked myself, who the hell is she? Where did she suddenly come from. I have a feeling it's McCain's cheap attempt to garner the votes of those female Clinton supporters who aren't quite ready to back Obama.

Babe said...

I saw McCain picking a woman!
Smart move for him.
Obama is not Jesus christ returned to rule.
It saddens me to see sane folks so out of touch with biblical prophecy. Present company excluded.
Especially, in theze dayz.
I see it everywhere I turn right now!
Oh, the beautiful Gulf Coast though.
Excellent photos.....