Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Happenin' Dude?

What the heck? Never one to kick the gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, I nevertheless wonder why gas has gone down from almost $5.00 a gallon to $1.95 or thereabouts?

Now, there is a general panic about that! Not on the consumers' part - we are all happy because we can afford to go to work now and eat too. Apparently "demand has gone down." Awwwww, are some oil companies not going to be reaching their billions profit mark this next quarter? Do they want me to mourn for the good ol' days for them? NOT. Our country is not the only one that sits with our mouths open to be fed (oil) like greedy little birds - so European friends, are your prices down? When ours were over $4.00 a gallon, China's was at $2.49. What was that all about? We're being told that China's consumption is up drastically competing with our (U.S.) consumption - competing on what level?

Here I am - not old, old. But reasonably (old). The citizens of this great country have quit spending. We've quit spending! Thus the economy has another leg kicked out from under it. But hey. I grew up and watched two generations before me actually save until they had enough to buy something, rather than "charge" it. Not saying I have always done that, but I'm learning.

So what group of bright folks fixed this type of economy up for us that depended on us continuing to charge, charge, charge, borrow, borrow, borrow, and then they shipped millions of our jobs out of the country, what did they expect? Duh. Did they think that they could let inflation go out of control and we would keep spending when many folks are deciding between food or medicine or the roof over their heads? Let millions of illegals in to keep the flow of cheap labor and bust the unions and let our wages fall way behind the inflation without consequence? They really thought they could still get richer and richer on this system? Hmmmmmmm.

We'll just see now what they do. I wouldn't want to be president of the United States for all the money in the world right now. Wow!


Hattigrace said...

THANK YOU so much for visiting my art blog. Your words are like food to my soul. I just added a new post.

I would LOVE to go to beach and do the drawings, take photos and then go work on canvases with you!!

Ah, yes, the when? I am so overcommitted for the next several weeks. Erg. It is all good. I just feel a little caged in, 'specially when I can't have a fun art day with you!

Love you bunches!

Gardenia said...

My time gets eaten as if a giant lion found a nest of little deers. Know what you mean - well, call when you're free, I'll call when I'm free - we are rolling into Christmas next - - yoicks - - I just need to sit down with a planner and make space and organize what I do have to do - I know your busy season is also upon you....

punxxi said...

the reason that the gas prices in China were low is because the government was subsidising it for a while.

Gardenia said...

punxxi - aahhhhhhhhhhh