Thursday, November 06, 2008

Return to Camelot?

So far it looks like an impressive line up of Kennedys for major appointments. It will be exciting to see who gets what.

I had a HUGE distrust of Sarah Palin but I won't go into that. Now, I'm feeling sorry for her, although, as governor, she should certainly have been aware that the Repubs are traditionally blameful when something goes wrong and I will concede that Repubs do not have the exclusive patent on that either. She is being criticized for almost anything and everything - interviews, answering a door in her robe (what should she answer it in - the nude?), spending her own money on clothing (shopping) when the campaign had provided her with clothing - now I know what she was dressed like McCain's wife.

Now, I have to say, living in a place like Wyoming or Alaska - honey, you gotta do your shopping when you get to a town or city that has shops in it!!!! She was no fasionista as governor. The Repubs knew that as her first appearances were certainly not as polished as they were into the campaign. Also it has been hinted at that McCain had not been very available to her. So they pluck her out of the tundra, place her at the top of the political chain and expect her to parrot McCain/Repub presidential campaign policy? Duh. Well, I shouldn't feel sorry for her - she's a big girl, but I do. She dragged her kids through exhausting repertoire and her husband seemed to stand faithfully at her side with child on arm; in her enthusiasm her tongue was less than gracious which seems out of keeping with her Christian persona, and no one can say she didn't have her whole heart in the campaign. In short, I think she was used. Not to say that her ambitions (and ambition is a good thing - with no ambition, we don't get anywhere)didn't place her in a vulnerable position - but - well, that's politics.

So, now we move on into a new era - I truly believe it. What it brings will remain to be seen as time goes on. I feel this president will be watched like a hawk, which perhaps won't be fair, but that's the way it is. Again, fair does not equate with politics. He already has huge challenges, Russia is snorting and pawing the ground....taypayers are inheriting the bill for numerous corporate "bailouts."

Ah, life.

What, a hurricane down by Cuba - uh, what time of year is this? It is nicely cooled here - the trees that turn (not all of them) are really pretty colors, its time to plant winter gardens and I don't know if I will make that. My zucchini vine has revived and is blooming. Need to get out and fertilize all of it. Tons and tons of paperwork drag at my heals. I went to two movies last night to escape - "Changeling" was very good - I have to hand it to Angelina, what an actress. However, she is so powerful in her mere presence she almost overwhelmed the screen. It was a heartbreaking story but not without redemption.

Trying to finish up some medical for the year - while being in the middle of COBRA and dubious benefits availability - its there its just all retroactive resulting in tons of paperwork. Also changing life insurance at our age is ridiculous. The company is wanting to know the doctor's name, address, and phone number who treated me for a UTI 40 years ago. Really, that's the truth. Does having a UTI once in your lifetime result in early death? Why don't they just send me to a local physician for a check up? Duh. No, we have passed paperwork back and forth at least half a dozen times with silly questions. It just dawned on me that if one of us dies, the other will be in deep do-do because we have no other life insurance. Stupid. If you are young - get it now and keep it up or you may pay big time later.

I had a professor who once said, "You pay now or pay later." The last time I saw him, he retired (who knows how old - he wasn't looking too good) and was walking the beach in Costa Rica (small world)in a speedo. There are good reasons old people don't wear bikinis or speedos. Ah, what the heck, who really cares - live, be free, wear the speedo - or bikini - go for it!


Candy Minx said...

You know...I just posted on my book club about my parents love of the kennedys...

maybe I'll copy and paste it here...

I have thought about my parents a few times because my parents loved President Kenedy. They had two hardcover photography books of the First Family. I think one of the was a Time-Life publication. And sometimes my mum would pull them out...and many times over the years the subject of where they were when he was shot would come up at family gatherings.

I think I understand aa bit more why the motif of that First Family was so dear to their hearts, how J and J Kennedy refelcted their ideals at that period of their lives...and even how their eventual pessisim and cynicism...their change in life choices became more selfish etc. I feel now that the robbery of Kennedy's life and the crushing of those ideals...refelcted or connected to the changes my parents went trhough...from hope and family or community to a more cynical and self interested phase: were a little like an act of self-protection from disappointment.

My parents really believed later in life that there wasn't any value in hope that community energy could be ripped away. I guess also with Nixon scandal too.

Speaking of Reagan...

I see a metaphor in Obamas accomplishments the Berlin Wall being torn down. The young people who tore down the Berlin wall had learned vital lessons from Tiananmen Square. They spread word of mouth and knew how to rally much much more prepared than the students in Tiananmen did...because they were able to study the media coverage and the fallout.

In this way...Obama may have a lot of a mess and intense challenges...but his staff and his advisors also have the wealth of history on "what not to do" and how to mobilize from taking notes on the last 50 years...much like the word-of-mouth activists and mobilizing of the Berlin Wall take down.

Contrary to the idea that Reagan was influential o the Berlin Wall coming was actually rock and roll and a movement building slowly unknown by people like Reagan. The influence of bands like Pink Floyd mirror the influence of in the Obama campaign and it's grassroots energy.

I think one thing that has hit me this week is the difference in the kind of sense of hope from us now to the kind of hope of people shocked by tragedy (and then becoming cynical or self protectionist).

I am thinking of Victor Frankl's idea of a tragic that knows about the tragic side of history and humans...but being re-visited and felt by so many of us now...

I have heard in some of my other web board encounters a kind of "warning" like...too much hope is unrealistic...etc etc

But I think part of what the naysayers are missing is that the hope or excitement of people right now isn't a naive hope or a hope with vested interest in materialism or pay back. But hope spiritually or emotionally combined as well as "taking care of business". This is why Obama's popularity and his platforms have not only been a victory for African-Americans and for variety of skin colour...they are a victory for people who have not been part of the materialistic trends or feel they want to re-evaluate society's function of the last 50 years.

I think hope has evolved it's meaning or layers of meaning in the last 50 years...

As an example, according to Victor Frankl meaning can be discovered in three ways:

* By creating a work or doing a deed
* By experiencing something or encountering someone
* By the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering

The “existential aspect of Frankl’s psychotherapy maintains man always has the ability to choose; no matter the biological, or environmental forces. An important aspect of this therapy is known as the “tragic triad,” pain, guilt, and death. Frankl’s “Case for a Tragic Optimism” uses this philosophy to demonstrate…

“optimism in the face of tragedy and in view of the human potential, which at its best always allows for:

Firstly, turning suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment.

Secondly, deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better.

Thirdly, deriving from life transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action."

Candy Minx said...

Oops...I am sorry I wrote such a long comment...I'll go post this on my blog if you want to delte this I'd understand!

Gardenia said...

Wonderful, Candy, wonderful and insightful - I relate very much to what you said - something I just could not put in words. Thank you.