Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night - I cried and laughed along with so many people in the park in Chicago - and wondered if Candy and Stagg had gone on down there and were in the crowds. It was an awesome time. Called my mother and we cried together - I've never felt this way about an election.

Had brunch today with a gloomy conservative friend. Maybe I'll lose friends, I don't know, but I had to say that I refuse, refuse to be gloomy about America's choice of president. I am going to do what I always should have done - pray for the country, the president. What I felt last night as I watched people dance, fall to the ground crying, hugging, rejoicing, and what have you was - encouraged. I think the energy of hope that is going forth is going to override the energy of fear, gloom, and doom. I do.

On a personal level, I admire the family's courage, his "smartness" and poise and cool under attack - I love his big brown expressive eyes - his love for his Grandma - I might not agree with every stance - there was no politician that I did, have, or ever will agree with every stance. I don't see him as a messiah - we already had one of those. I see him as the hope of a nation - the hope of something different than we've had in the past - there is something different this time, I can't put my finger on it.

At any rate, perhaps now we can begin a healing of ourselves, our nation, our world. I hope, I pray. I haven't felt this hopeful since our beloved Catholic president, John Kennedy took office so many years ago.

I feel so bad about the past but I can change the future - I will not fear, I will do as our Book says to do - I will pray for our leaders so that we may live in PEACE. Peace right now sounds good, yes? I do not believe this man could have been elected with God being asleep on His throne - I believe - well, I believe!


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so happy for you guys!

Hattigrace said...

Even a child is known by his doings. Proverbs, somewhere. I never thought you and I would end up so opposite politically. Love you always.

Gardenia said...

Different politically I think in only this person and my huge hatred for republican strategy in politics do we differ.

In theory and historically, I am a republican for moral issues, but a liberal in our responsibilities toward other human beings - including those who haven't been born yet or are newly born.

Again, for us as Christians, we have a huge responsibility to pray for our country's leaders, our church leaders, all leaders, even the scary ones, dictators, etc., because we do know who is really in control. A sparrow does not fall unless He takes notice...I did not agree with all of MLK's life either - but overall he did a huge good for the country and the world. Same as presidents.

Gardenia said...

Oops, not only other human beings, but to the care of creation as well I meant to say. I guess I do differ more - I say slooow the drilling - do not go into wilderness areas - go for alternative fuel sources - mmmmm, am I becoming a radical?

Candy Minx said...

Great post!

No we didn'tget down to Grant Park...we had raost chicken and wine...and I was crying and cryig. Stagg is on delay...he is still in shock and absorbing the changes to come! What an amazing night!!!!