Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day draws to a close....quietly, quietly

New recipes for Christmas this year included a cajun 'tater salad (a new invention from my own taster) and my first time for cooking a standing rib roast! Both turned out incredibly good. The roast had a crisp outer crust rubbed with cracked black pepper, garlic paste, salt and rosemary. The inside was slightly pink....I used to love rare meat, but am afraid of it now and most of my family doesn't like it rare. It was tender and perfect anyway. The cajun seasoning we found at our cajun restaurant shopping lunch was the perfect tang to the potato salad. For non-potato salad eaters I made garlic mashed potatoes and homemade brown gravy. Yeh, I said I would not work hard - I did, but didn't mind, it was fun.

Christmas was done by 11:00 p.m. the day before Christmas. We spent most of today lounging about in our Christmas gifts of soft clothing....all three "girls" in our velvet jogging suits and, sported by daughter's husband (from Hard Rock Cafe - the road, not the husband), a robe that is to be envied!

We made green chili for supper. This is sort of a tradition to go with Mexican food, usually red or green chili after our holiday meals. It turned out to be fiery. Now, I truly can get back to regular eating - all this rich food - well, I'm full and ready to "clean it up!" We had Key Lime Pie for desert.

Tomorrow oldest daughter and I are going to the beach, tour PaPa's store, and then maybe hit a couple of sales. I'm buying no more clothes for a whilebut would love to find a jewelry armoir at a fabulous price!

Oh, yes - presents - PaPa was the spoiled one this year - however, I was blessed too - for the first time in my life I have a set of cookware that is true, first class, premium, heavy, marvelous serious cooking tools. Then, a new Tassimo from Bausch arrived too! I have overdone the cappuccino treats today and drank my fill of full bodied, perfectly, brewed coffee.

PaPa is dozing through a movie in his recliner - others are tucked in the magnetic bed - and I'm half heartedly watching the movie while blogging. Contented. And stuffed like a manicotti!


mister anchovy said...

The roast looks really good!

tshsmom said...

The contentment is the best part, isn't it?
Your food looks AMAZING!

Wandering Coyote said...

The food looks and sounds amazing! I'm so happy to have nice fancy cookware now - that's the best thing ever and you'll be so much happier in the kitchen with it, I'm sure! Looks like there was a lot of spoiling going on! Have a great day today!

punxxi said...

ahhhh, time to rest for 5 minutes before it all comes down again...
it looks like you had a great Christmas( and dinner)