Friday, December 05, 2008

Something to show for it.....

Parrot's almost done - just some finishing touches left!

Tree is up, uh, sort of. Poor thing looks scroungy. Tomorrow want to look for real greens for decoration for the delicious smell. I need to find someone with a magnolia tree - the big green leaves are beautiful when the undersides are spray painted gold.

I am all alone tonight, so thought I'd cook my own version of a gourmet dinner. Baby yellow squash, brussels sprouts cooked with cranberries and walnuts, turnip greens, brocolli & carrots lightly steamed, and I'm in heaven.

Last night, "H" fixed blue cheese burgers on the 360 Foreman grill (we LOVE that thing - the only thing it lacks is waffle plates) burgers were delicious, but that big cheesed up burger with a half pitcher of blueberry-lime margaritas (ohhhhh they were sooo good!) put eight pounds on me over night, so thus, my veggie day. (Or did Thanksgiving week have something to do with that?) We'll see if it works tomorrow. If not will have to patiently plug away until its off.

It's been a treat to eat without my teeth causing my whole face to hurt. I have been telling my dentist here for TWO years that I am in terrible pain when I eat hot or cold food or drink, and had complained to my old dentist for a year before that about my teeth hurting so bad. I hadto drink luke warm water and eat room temperature food so the pain would not kick off. I had began to think that, along with my back, maybe I am just crazy. He insisted I had no cavities, just needed to floss better. Well, I floss when I drive, when I watch TV, and I floss a lot. Yeh, just hope you don't pull up by me at a stop light, anyway I didn't believe him.

So, after xrays (finally) Thursday he decided I had two cavities - he started filling them. I did not think he would ever stop drilling on the one, and then when he was all finished he told me the cavity was quite large and I might need a root canal. I did not do a good job "owning my power" (expressing what I was feeling at the moment-that it was HIS fault for not checking when I first started complaining). Anyway, so far, so good. I have had hot food two nights in a row, hot coffee, and even chewed some ice and NO PAIN! Hoooooray!

We spent about four or five hours today trying to straighten up benefits transfers from the old job to the new one. Shouldn't complain, but my gosh - I have filled out the life insurance questionnaires four times and they keep sending them back with additonal requests for information.

We dismantled shower curtain, washed four loads, cleaned a bathroom today, and I thought nothing was accomplished. In retrospect, we accomplished a lot - guess I was wrong. Don't know what the weekend will bring - maybe I will try to make the tree prettier or something. Seems like with everyone getting older, Christmas shopping is way less involved as they all want "big" presents - no bunches of less expensive toys....just one present each with a couple of "stocking stuffers."

I just had to give poor Psycho a tranquilizer - he has been jumping the cupboards trying to drink dishwater, jumping on the stove - jumping sidewise onto the walls, chewing his feet. He had a baby bird in his mouth this a.m. and ran from front to back, front to back, front to back over and over again - he had to climb a six foot fence each time, but when I tried to rescue him without bird, he was very hostile. I guess animals can have ADD/ADHD just like people....will have do so some research to see if it can be treated with natural products. If he'll lay still long enough, we'll put the magnets on him. SIL just came over and said he was sure it was "Mad Bird Disease." Chuckle. Rather like "Mad Cat Disease." I'm sure he's part Siamese, that might explain everything. Never knew a sane one - they are fun, but crazy.

Grandson was dropped off, so I'm going to keep him company and we'll watch "Sanctuary" (new TV series) together.


tweetey30 said...

I love having our tree up but my cat keeps climbing it. I have it tied to the wall where it wont fall down but she insists on climbing it.. I take her away and spank her and she goes back for more. She is worse than a new born baby...

Gardenia said...

Cats have their odd unique things they do - Snowy is still technically a kitten, so still learning - the novelty of an indoor tree is too hard to resist. Mine are older and could care less about the tree but Mamma will sit and stare at the lights...

Had a young cat once take a whole Christmas tree down...but they do give more joy than nuisance.

Hattigrace said...

Uh, at least you HAVE a tree up!! I am so behind, I think I will never catch up! Got my shopping and wrapping done, though. Now I am gonna make Christmas stockings! hahahahaha!

Did you know Frugal n Happy is my neice?

Milla said...

Firstly, the painting is beautiful!
Secondly, how can you say your tree looks scroungy?? On the contrary! It looks very luscious.

I am very happy you don't have to deal with toothache anymore. I haev often thought: what pain is worse: period pains or toothache? Toothache for sure!

I really like the way you end the post, with a quiet time with your grandson, especially after getting breathless at your cat's jumping around.

tshsmom said...

Your parrot painting is AMAZING!

I'm the same way when it comes to thinking I accomplished nothing. We work all day, and our efforts really don't show to anybody but us. We have to learn to give ourselves more credit.

punxxi said...

the parrot is beautiful....but then , so was dinner!