Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fog and Vampires

The past few days the world here has been shrouded in thick fogs. I feel like I am in an early Ann Rice novel. Fog, fog, and more fog.

I recently viewed the new teen vampire movie, Twilight. It was pretty sensual for a teen movie. Nothing explicit, however the co-stars were magnificent in their depiction of hot, brooding passion. (I would rather not think of my teen in such throes!) The young man, Robert Pattinson, who plays the lead was really beautiful in the role. He's stared in quite a few movies, I just never really noticed him before.

The romance in the movie holds everything many females' hearts dream of until real life sets in. It was interesting to see how many parents were at this movie with their teens. We all crave romance, I think.

Apparently the ongoing book series has been a huge hit - I picked up one of the series without scanning the book when I was in the mood for a romantic vampire novel and found it much too simple and I was bored. But I would recommend the movie for fun if one is a vampire buff - the movie was sensual and lovely in a sense.

No wonder the vampire myth trails about in our mythology - eternal youth can be an alluring concept. Although sucking blood and no more sunlight would be a drag.

Many depictions of vampires are all about sensuality and romance, but then John Carpenter's vampires don't have much allure to them. Most of his movies are very frightening - full of raw violence and fear, but no doubt truly horror invoking. Perhaps women's ideas of vampires are those of romance, and men's ideas are mostly about power. And, for both sexes, the allure of perpetual youth. Perhaps.

It would be an interesting search for the history and reasons of vampire lore's blending of fear, death, eternal life, and romance. That would be a whole other post.

Perhaps all the lore about vampires has been one way of expressing a desperate quest for eternal life, although I would rather believe that eternal life available to us would be filled with light, not darkness.

Note: If you are a vampire flick fan, this is a good listing of a "top ten." I would also be interested in any foreign vampire flicks that anyone knows of...send them on if you do.

For a listing of HOT vampires, male and female, click here. Aaliya was, I think, the hottest female vampire ever in Queen of the Damned. She was incredibly alluring while being incredibly chilling.

I don't like vampire movies that are extremely gory - really do prefer a romance vampire movie that depict the vampire as someone who really doesn't like being that way....Ann Rice was the master.

And, as the fog lifts, so do my thoughts of vampires and movies and vampire books and center back on the days list of to do's and real life.


Babe said...

It is extremely foggy here in N.C. as well!!

punxxi said...

nosfaratu is m fav one. anyway the violence more than likely goes back to Vlad the impaler, who was wont to put his victim on spikes and leave them up to rot.
here is what wiki ahs to say about him:
Reign 1448; 1456–1462; 1476
Born 1431
Birthplace Sighişoara, Transylvania
Died December 1476 (age 45)
Place of death Bucharest, Wallachia
Predecessor Vladislav II of Wallachia,
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân
Successor Vladislav II of Wallachia,
Radu cel Frumos,
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân
Father Vlad II Dracul
Mother Princess Cneajna of Moldavia

Gardenia said...

Ahhhhh, Vlad - yes! Do you often wonder how the eternal life thing started - maybe the myth has a reason....there are things we don't know. Interesting info you dug up Punxxi

Wandering Coyote said...

I tried reading Twilight, too, but couldn't handle the bad prose and the teenage attitude. As for the film, I'll maybe take a boo when it's rentable.

No fog here, just lots of snow!

Biddie said...

Oh, I LOVE vampire flicks! KC and I loved Buffy and she nearly had a breakdown when the show went off the air. I actually met Kristy Swanson at the sci fi con last August. She was incredibly sweet.
I LOVED The Lost Boys, and John Carpenters movie, too.
Of course, Shawn's family is from Hungary, and some of them live quite close to Vlad's castle and he seems to know all that you could ever want to know.
A match made in heaven, perhaps???