Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Faces of Christmas

The faces of Christmas for me are always children's faces. I have been to countless Christmas programs through the years. Last night, grandson's choir performed a beautiful as well as fun Christma Choir special. We then had cookies and then off to a Pizza place on the beach for pizza and antipasta salad with friends and family.

Today, have finished wrapping presents and need to pick up a few odds and ends and I'll be ready! I need to plan a menu for Christmas eve supper. Christmas day will include chocolate waffles with cherry sauce. Hopefully some more of those wonderful salmon things later in the day. If not, a hot dog will do - low stress is needed.

The tree is finally done and looks a bit more lush. Sun is shining after a fog beginning of the day today. My friend in Cheyenne, Wyoming said the wind chill factor there had been 56 degrees F BELOW ZERO! Oh, pour soul, I would absolutely be whining and whimpering!!! Up in Casper, my mother said it was 20 F. below zero.

Despite the fact my hair looks like a ball of salt and pepper, with a bit of blond, black, and purple thrown in, cotton candy, I prefer the luke warm winters of the south despite sometimes this high humidity. Well, at least it keeps the wrinkles plumped out!

I need to go and make out checks for the mission that cares for the homeless and a missionary who is on my heart, hit the elliptical, shower, try to smooth hair, and run errands before picking up grandson. Parents are on a four day vacation. I think I have a teenage granddaughter wanting to live with me next semester - oi! "H" has claimed the extra bedroom for his "den" - we'll see..........


**Ya Think** said...

Well there is my wonderful Cousin. Good to see you looking so well. Well I never thought I would say this in a million years but I am looking out my windows in Southern California.. (High Desert) at 9 inches of snow and it is still falling. Now I do believe that is another face of Christmas. Eh? :-)

Love you

Gardenia said...

Oh, there you are!!!!!! Now, is that the luck of the Irish? There is Irish blood you know. (the snow!) Are you feeling settled and glad you did it?

Wandering Coyote said...

Do you have your big dinner on Christmas Eve, then? I know that's what a lot of Europeans do. We have a big dinner that night because it's my dad's birthday.

Yeah, the prairies and the mid west are getting the crappiest weather right now, eh? So glad I'm not any further east than I am now! We are getting more snow tonight, though.

Biddie said...

I really miss the Christmas concerts that my girls were in for all those years at grade school.
This is the 1st year in 15 years that we don't have one to go to.
It is COLD here. I am ready for summer already.I am not however, ready for the holidays yet. Soon. I hope.

Hattigrace said...

What's up with your hair? Somebody do you bad? I'll go get 'em! I need a Christmas program! We go on Cmas Eve. Art Party 5:00 Sinday. You comin?

Gardenia said...

Ahhh - my hair's natural curly thingie, and the texture has changed - - plus I'm growing more out around my face -you know those little fuzzy inch to two inch long new growth thingies? I'm growing a winter coat - yike! This is why I've always envied folks with straight hair - when it is humid - it just - stays straight, yay! Humidity makes my hair ignore curling irons!