Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Now?

Kids just left, PawPaw is in watching ballgames, and I'm at loose ends. Sigh. The tree is bare underneath. The cats are mad at me because I gave them a flea treatment, and I'm invited to an art party tonight. I should go. I feel uninspired. But I'm going to fix my hair, dig through resource materials and do it.

I feel a bit sad. Perhaps it is just part of the after Christmas let down syndrom. It will pass. I made a big pot of beans today complete with hamhock. They were too good. We watched "Burn After Reading" last night after kids went to bed and laughed and laughed. Now, I have work to do - January is such a blech month - despite birthday (I'll be 64, now THAT blows my mind - I shouldn't tell, but what the heck)- February will bring Mardi Gras and March will bring summer and then it'll be great.

Presents - ah, I love presents: A red velveteen jogging suit - not to jog, for looks only, a new set of very nice cookware - woo hoo - a bosch tassimo, more woo hoo, a cross necklace from grandson, purchased at the school Christmas store - I love to see what kids buy, I love my cross. What else? hmmmm.......oh a gift certificate to Belk Department store - now, what shall I get? Perfume? Clothing? Makeup? I'll take an afternoon and take my time.

Now, I'm going to do hair - again - I really need to go buy a good conditioner - but WHERE? Walmart products just aren't getting it.

Time to begin to hit discipline hard to get rest of pounds off - figure out the sewing machine, start tax info gathering, perhaps start writing that book. Or maybe just brainstorming a New Year's "want to" list.


Biddie said...

I always feel a let down after the holidays, too. Dunno why. Maybe it's seeing the bare tree..Actually, I have a few lone gifts there, waiting for Gramma to come back from BC.
I got some nice gifts, too. Some books, new slippers, loads of pamering products - hand cream, bath stuff, that kind of thing. I got some new Royal Daltons, too. All Disney.
I think that maybe New Years Eve will be a good night. Do you have any plans??

Wandering Coyote said...

Summer in March? Wha....???

I feel a bit of a post-holiday malaise myself, even though I'm not super-stoked about the holidays to begin with. It's like a lot of stuff with heavy build-up - there's a crest and then a plummet. It never fails, does it?

Captain Karen said...

I'm with Coyote...summer in March? That's just crazy! Mind you, you're in Florida. If we're lucky, we might see temps hovering around zero by that point.

Another Capricorn baby to add to the list. And you're 63? Girl, you look gooood!

punxxi said...

I feel great, because 1. the house is comletely undecorated and cleaned
2. we are planning out our cali trip to see the oldest kid for his birthday ( he will be 42, i am however, still 15)and granddaughters 17th. Beans sound great, we are having chili cos it's that kind of's been raining for a couple of weeks now, but is warming a bit, it's 47 today.
I think most people get the blahs after Christmas, it is normal after the anticipation, same as weddings and big to-dos.
Hope your birthday is wonderful...i can't wait til i'm 62 and can collect ss!

Candy Minx said...

Yes, the coming year turning does offer some metaphors for life doesn't it? I'm not a big or small to-do about New Years...I am always making resolutions of sorts...but it is nice to think about what we can do now. We don't want to be people who have regrets...but rather people who have memories! Lot of good memories.

Have you read "Gilead"? I'll send you my copy in a day or so if you haven't...I think you might like it moe than the Tolle book...but it has a similar vibe only instead of a Hindu flavour has a Christian flavour of references...